Classic Mince on Toast   $15

Classic mince on toast served with a fried egg and smoked tomato chutney GF Available

 Hot Smoked Salmon Rosti           $18

Hot smoked salmon served on homemade potato rosti, poached egg and hollandaise sauce GF

 Eggs Your Way                 $21

Eggs cooked the way you like them served with bacon, mushroom, tomato, chorizo hash and toast *GF available

 Eggs benedict $19

Poached eggs on toasted ciabatta with your choice of bacon,  smoked salmon, or mushrooms topped with hollandaise sauce

*GF available

 Valley Omelette $20

Deliciously fluffy omelette with crispy potatoes, cheese, spinach and red onion jam.  *GF

Breakfast Sides

 Hash browns                                         $ 4
Eggs (x2) any style                                $ 4
Mushrooms                                            $ 5
Bacon                                                       $ 6


Cheesy Garlic Bread                  $9
Cheesy garlic bread topped with pesto and sweet chilli sauce

Beer Battered Scallops              $20
Beer battered scallops with aioli and salad greens

Sticky Beef Wontons                  $12
Home made sticky beef wontons served with miso mayonnaise

Crispy Fried Calamari $12
Crispy fried calamari served with Aioli

Chicken Satay Skewers $15
Tender chicken skewers served with our homemade satay sauce

Panko Crumbed Mushrooms $23
Panko crumbed mushrooms stuffed with brie, served with smoked tomato chutney


For 2 people $37, for 4 people $74

Seafood platter
Daily fresh fish, mussels, prawn and chorizo kebabs, scallops wrapped in bacon, crumbed calamari, prawn and ginger dumplings cold smoked salmon, crackers and dips

Antipasto platter
This platter is loaded with tasty treats including chicken satay, deli meats, pork ribs, cheese, crackers and dips, mac n cheese balls and warm bread selection.

Apple Cider Braised Pork Belly   $ 26
Apple cider braised pork belly, mustard mash, steamed greens and onion jam GF

Pan Seared Salmon   $ 26
Pan seared salmon fillet with chorizo hash , hollandaise sauce and chimichurri

Lamb Shanks         For 1 $ 22 For 2 $26
Lamb shanks braised in red wine and balsamic served with garlic mash and winter vegetables

450gm Ribeye   $ 36
450gm Ribeye cooked to your liking, thick cut kumara chips, fried egg, garlic butter and gravy

Grilled Lamb Backstrap   $ 32
Grilled lamb backstrap cooked medium rare, baby pea risotto and mint pesto

Chicken Breast    $ 26
Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cream cheese served with creamy mash and creamy sun dried tomato sauce

Hash browns   $ 4
Eggs (x2) any style   $ 4
Mushrooms   $ 5
Bacon   $ 6
Side salad   $ 6
Garlic mash   $ 4
Gravy   $ 3
Aioli   $ 2
Mac n cheese   $ 6
Side of fries    $ 4
Side salad   $ 6
Side of steamed vegies   $ 6
Creamy Mushroom Sauce   $ 4

Beef Burger   $ 22
Beef burger with bacon, cheese, pickles and a fried egg, served with fries and smoked tomato chutney

Open Chicken Sandwich   $ 22
Grilled chicken and mayo open sandwich served with swiss cheese, pesto and fries

Vegetarian burger   $ 22
Chickpea, sweetcorn and coriander burger with tomato chutney and waffle fries Vegan

Fried Chicken Mac n Cheese   $ 24
Fried Chicken with mac n cheese, waffle fries and slaw

Fish and chips   $ 22
Fresh market fish battered or crumbed, served with tartare sauce, fries and salad *GF available

Steak sandwich   $ 19
Served on toasted ciabatta topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion rings and aioli, served with a side of fries GF available

Schnitzel   $ 20
Your choice of golden crumbed chicken or beef schnitzel served with gravy, salad and fries

Steak, eggs and chips   $ 25
200gm ribeye steak served with two fried eggs, onion rings and fries *GF available

Seafood chowder   $ 20
Creamy chowder stacked with seafood and served with garlic bread *GF available

Pork ribs   $ 26
Slow cooked pork ribs marinated in our special sauce, served with coleslaw and fries *GF

Pork roast   $ 20
Roast pork with apple sauce and crackling, served with roast potatoes, steamed vegetables gravy and hollandaise sauce

*GF available

 Classic Caesar Salad   $ 19

Classic Caesar salad with bacon, parmesan, crispy croutons, topped     with a poached egg GF available
Add crispy chicken $6
Add hot smoked salmon $6
Add garlic prawns $6


Sticky date pudding   $ 12
Sticky date pudding served warm with butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean ice cream

Warm Apple Crumble   $ 12
Warm apple crumble served with cream and ice cream

Cheeseboard   $ 16
Our cheeseboard include a variety of brie, blue and cheddar cheese served with crackers, dried fruits and chutney

Cheesecake   $ 13
Check with your wait staff for todays’ cheesecake.

Ice cream sundae   $ 10
Old fashioned ice cream sundae, served with vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top.  Choose from chocolate, raspberry or butterscotch


$12 meal deal—kids main and small soft drink

$16 meal deal—kids main, small soft drink with jelly and ice cream

 Kids mac n cheese balls

Fish and chips
Fresh battered fish fillet served with fries and tomato sauce

Chicken Nuggets and Chips
Chicen nuggets served with fries and tomato sauce

Mini hotdogs
Mini hotdogs served with fries and tomato sauce

Kids roast pork
Roast pork and apple sauce served with steamed carrots, peas, roast potato and gravy GF Available

Kids jelly and ice cream
Todays jelly flavour served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream  $6